Veszprem – Hungary

Kun Bertalan was born on May 6 1999 in Veszprem, Hungary. Remarkably active, high nervous child was. Usually he attended always regular family excursions with his parents, and sporting events. The favourite pastime was his early stage of development: hiking, rollerblading, biking, running and playing with a ball.

Kindergarten Soccer

In December 2004, the pre-school age have been discovered of a small football. The first appearance of tentative soccer training of Miklos Kelemen when he was faced with the goal, where had played the post of „the last defender and the goalkeeper”. Here kicked his first goal when a ball receiving, suddenly turned up close and ushered the ball in the web of its own goal. In 2004-2005 season, he attended twice a week a kindergarten soccer training, which was followed regularly local tournaments.

Verified player - U7

The first confirmation in 2005, received in connection with his performance, when even as the player was verified to Veszprém USE soccer club. A group of 98- borne children was built, but the skills of Puskas Martin (99) and Bertalan Kun (99) has been included among the greats. Bertalan was in this age group a small player often acquired "nasty injuries" after the body-body contacts. In 2006 he became a permanent member of the team U7 youth soccer. The play was typical of the quick pass, and sustained high ball-sensibility running. He played the positions in full-back or midfielder. The first significant results in June 2006 held in Suezo CUP international junior tournament has scored, where in the VFC USE U7's team won the cup!
Image of Bertalan Kun at 2006
Images of cups of tournaments
The 2006-2007 season of autumn and winter period in the U7's team visited the area tournaments, which are almost always he was the best player in the tournament finally. Strength of his play has also appeared at this time, he played rushing and very violent despite his physical fitness (seems weak and smaller than the others) for playing football. In the region had already started to stand up to the Golden-team of Veszprém USE: Gabor Zsebe assistant, Bence Toth, András Fekete goalkeeper, Viktor Molnár goalkeeper, Martin Puskas, Miklos Kelemen coach, Richard Tánczos, Babai Gábor, Bertalan Kun, Balint Kelemen and Zsombor Nyikus.

U9 - The team is playing

In 2007 the initial season began worse than expected results was, but a long time they used to became familiar with the pitch and the dimensions required to the plays. The team's initial difficult game began slowly to transform to convincing playing. Should be written in favour of the coach, Miklos Kelemen, the little soccer players from Veszprem has learned how to PLAY. By the end of the year in the U9's tournament are performing better and better therefore the team once again earned the name Golden. Their opponent's supporters are typically the best indication of their performance - which the team is playing!

Changing primary school

The idea of the youth soccer coach’s Veszprém was that, even at primary school system may be implemented a soccer-class if the school administration is willing to train one of the most popular games in the context of school gym.

Image of Bertalan Kun on young age and five other children at his school
The Simonyi School’s leaders and Physical education teachers in September 2008 triggered a sporting class 4.b, where five children were admitted from VFC USE-U11 players: Bertalan Kun, Bence Toth , Richard Tanczos, Balint Kelemen, and Abel Hegedus.

U11 - Youth soccer seasons

Playing in a 16 team fall-spring tournament system, in a manner where every team is playing against each other as minimum as two times a season. During a day of playing matches 4x4 teams are playing against each other in 4 different locations. In some paying days teams are playing 3-3 matches on the given location by ages (duration of a match is 2 x 15 minutes). Dimensions of the playground for the ages U10 - U11 is: 55m x 35m, the goals are 5m x 2m.

U13 - Division II National Championship tournament

Beginning in September 2009, Bertalan „was just past 10 years”. He can not play on big-pitch size games because of the Rules of Hungarian Soccer Association. Finally, the soccer-club and player’s parents submitted an application to Hungarian Soccer Association for participation of the age under 11- players in the league. After permission of the Hungarian Soccer Association he came into game against Győr Üstökös on October 24 2009th, where the coach let him appearance in second half and played 20 minutes among the elders.

Positions: midfield filter, right attacker, left midfielder, right midfielder A total of 20 league games played, respectively, positions in the opposing team alternated aligned with the coach, and it was often precious (with an 11 years old player experience in the U13 – Bertalan Kun scored 11 goals).


The second season of his own age (players born in ’98 and ’99) had a very good start. The team's first 13 matches of the autumn season’s tournament is 100 percent performed. The 97-borned players were replaced this year with the upcoming 99-borned players to reinforce the team of 98-borned and they started to play again... The team's coach is Csaba Kozma, who led the preparation and ensuring professional development. Bertalan Kun plays the team attacker in middle-field in games. Speeding and dazzling individual movements are great advances that result to achieve of the most goal scorer of the league.

Image of list most scored of 2010 – 2011. Bertalan Kun is number one.
The most scored goals achieved by Bertalan Kun (in 26 games – 58 goals)


His father, Kun Csaba has been working in The Netherlands for a longer period and finally the family made their decision. In order to resolve their hopeless financial situation, trusting in Western Europe’s stable economy background, they moved to The Netherlands in August 2011. After a couple months Bertalan was favored by the fortune. As the player observer of PSV Eindhoven first saw him play, right away he got interested in him. The first underage Hungarian player, who managed to get right from the street into a famous football club. In this season, though living in The Netherlands, he cannot play in the Dutch league because of administrative reasons.


In this season, though living in The Netherlands, he cannot play in the Dutch league because of administrative reasons. Beginning from May 2013 he is a stalwart of the Hungarian U15 age national team to born.


In this season, though living in The Netherlands, still cannot play in the Dutch league because of administrative reasons. In November 2013 he played two matches in Hungarian U15 age national team against the national team of the Republic of Slovakia.