Birthday of Bertalan Kun Bertalan Kun Best player ever Specialty


The best player ever!

It is almost predictable that there will be full house, crowded stands will wait the teams Saturday night in the stadium. The thousands of tickets conserved for the fans were out yet yesterday afternoon, even the tickets of the visiting team are out. It seems the fans are looking forward to the start and this match especially fevers everyone. "Now Cocakun can demonstrate on the playground that we have done good deal with him. If he would help us reach championship, we could say:

we have made an excellent choice.

This recent purchase is coming from abroad, thus he must prove that his capabilities are better than those of the homesters and the team must achieve a better place than the fifth, which was achieved in the previous season. Our tactic won't be changed, we'll attack steadily for the entertainment of the fans. Apart from that we would like to develop abilities of our players. We have had then mentality for winning last year, but played a couple of matches, where while prevailed, could not win - declared the coach of the team speaking about the coming season.